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Privacy Policy

1. Acquisition of Privacy Information

Jellyfish Corporation ("Jellyfish") shall acquire privacy information appropriately not by deception or other wrongful means.

2. Usage of Privacy Information

Jellyfish shall use the privacy information within the scope necessary for the achievement of the following purpose of use.
When Jellyfish uses the privacy information with no provision on the purpose defined as following, Jellyfish shall use it by obtaining the consent of the person.

3. Security Control of Privacy Information

Jellyfish shall take necessary and proper security control measures for the prevention of leakage, loss, or damage, and for other security control of the personal data.

4. Provision of Privacy Information to A Third Party

Jellyfish shall not provide such privacy information without obtaining the consent of the person, except as otherwise provided by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

5. Disclosure and Correction of Privacy Information etc

Jellyfish shall promptly disclose the privacy information upon receiving a disclosure request from the person about his/her own privacy information. Jellyfish shall not disclose when the personal identification is not confirmed. Jellyfish shall make answer such requests after research, when it is requested by a person to correct, add, or delete retained personal data on the ground that the retained personal data contains errors. Jellyfish shall not answer such requests when the personal identification is not confirmed.

[Inquiry about Privacy Protection Policy]
If you have any request or inquiry about the handling of privacy information by Jellyfish, please contact to following:
Jellyfish Corporation
Tel: +81 5437 0135
Email: info@jellyfish-g.co.jp