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Producer of "The world to Japan, Japan to the world".

"Expand Your Horizons", the management policy of Jellyfish, shows our passion to offer more self-realization opportunities to people all over the world through Jellyfish.
There are a lot of "crews" (we call our colleagues crews because we are in the same "boat") with various backgrounds, who are working hard every day.
Jellyfish is going to expand its fields into more and more countries in the world, and expand our business fields in Japan as well.

Pleasure of Working in Jellyfish

"Expand Your Horizons", meaning expanding your vision and extending the knowledge and understanding, is not only for our customers but also crews as our mission statement.
More foreign employees are working than Japanese employees in Jellyfish Group. You will be exposed to a completely international environment just from your joining Jellyfish.
Jellyfish is a venture business on the way of the growth, where both the existing and new businesses are waiting for you to develop. Regardless of age, those who are motivated can challenge broader range of job and bigger responsibility with bigger discretion.
Embody the statement "Expand Your Horizons" through the work at Jellyfish.

Our three arrows: Education, Overseas Study and Recruitment

Many companies have offered education (schools) and supports to overseas study, or offered recruitment services, but there was not a company to offer a comprehensive service from education to recruitment for foreign students.
By eliminating the borders between the businesses, we can maximize the synergy between such businesses by offering one-stop services to meet the needs of job seekers.

The world is your stage.

Our current area of business is mainly in southeastern Asia, such as Japan, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia, which will be expanded soon.
Let's join us and work together to expand the region and business fields.
Jellyfish has an environment for you to challenge. It's your turn to demonstrate your ability in the stage of the world with Jellyfish.

Yu Shinjo, Director, Jellyfish Corporation

Introduction of our offices GALLERY

Introduction of our staffs STAFF

Overseas Study Division

Tomomi Himeno Born in Oita. Graduated from Nagasaki International University.
She has been interested in overseas since childhood. After considering various jobs with relation to overseas, she finished the training course of Japanese language teachers for future job.
Before graduation ceremony, she started to work for Jellyfish Education (Vietnam office) as a Japanese language teacher.
After working there for a year and a half, she was transferred to Jellyfish Corporation.
She is currently in charge of connecting Japanese language schools and foreign offices, managing the whole flow from supports abroad to those in Japan.
She says, "Knowing something would give more options. That is the role of education. I would like to deliver opportunities that can show brighter future with more and various options."
Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa Born in Phu Tho. Joined Jellyfish after graduated from a vocational school.
She joined to start up the Vietnam corporation and its education and overseas study businesses.
Then she returned to Japan, and delivered supports to foreign students in Japan.
She is currently the leader of Vietnam team in Overseas Study division.
She says, "Study what is helpful for your future in Japan".
Tao Thu Ha Born in Ha Noi ,Vietnam.
After graduating from college, she worked at a local company for two years.
Came to Japan in 2015 and joined JELLYFISH in a year.
Currently she is in charge of the real estate business department.
「I will do my best to make it possible for international students to live with peace of mind」

Education Division

Akiyo Suzuki Born in Shizuoka. Graduated from Keio University.
After working as a teacher at several Japanese language schools in Japan and Korea, she joined Jellyfish in 2014 to start-up Tochigi International Education Institute. Her responsibility has expanded from teaching, and she is currently working as the manager of education divisions of Japan and overseas.
She says, "I would like to prepare a system where Japanese language teachers are motivated, independent and can feel rewarded"."
Yoshiko Noto Born in Aichi and graduated from Yokohama National University.
She had been engaged in system development as an SE after graduation.
After that she became a Japanese language teacher, worked for a Japanese language school in Tokyo and then joined Jellyfish.
Now she is involved in the management of Tochigi International Education Institute.
“I hope to help people, who chose Japan among numerous countries, to realize their dreams.”
Ken Tamura Born in Tochigi.
worked as sales department at department store and bridal industry. 「I will do my utmost work for international students.」
Shiori Matsuoka Born in Ibaraki.
worked as sales department at local company.
worked as japanese teacher which take the qualification of a Japanese teacher.
Became a Japanese teacher at TIEI in 2016
I would like to help students think that they are really glad they came to Japan.
Naoko Yoshida Born in Ibaraki, graduated from Kawamura Gakuen Women's University.
She worked for a restaurant as a part-timer for half a year after graduation, and joined Jellyfish Vietnam in December 2013 as an intern.
In January 2015 she began to work in Jellyfish Tokyo.
Now she works for the overseas study section to support students with respect concerning their requests.
“I’ll do my best in supporting them, wishing their study in Japan be their chance to grow!”

Human Resource Division

Eriko Korekane Born in Hiroshima,and graduated from Information Technology College.
Studied in China for 2 years.
Worked as Human Resources Department for 13 years.
Became Manager of Jellyfish in July 2015.
「Regardless of nationality, we will create an environment where excellent talent can work」
Sota Unose Born in Tokyo.
After he worked for an apparel company, an advertising company and a party-planning company, he went to Philippines to study English.
Now he is playing an active role in a recruitment section at Tokyo.
“I want to change the present world to one where people in developing countries can play active roles not only in Japan but also all over the world.”
万 幸(Wan Xing) Born in Unnan, China and graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Graduate school
Joined JF after graduation.
Became sales department of Human Resources Department
「A flexible way of thinking will lead a new step,I will tell it through work」
Mariko Nagai Born in Hokkaido, and graduated from Tsuda College.
After graduation, she was engaged in sales and marketing in a foreign affiliated company. While she visited southeastern Asian countries for job seeking, she again realized the attractiveness of Japan, and joined Jellyfish in July 2014 to work for Japan's globalization.
She is now in charge of training sessions for foreign students and negotiations about students' part-time jobs.
She says, "I would like foreign students to experience more in Japan and live smiling every day."
Khudysheva Kristina Born in Vladivostok, Russia and graduated from Far Eastern Federal University.
Studied Japanese for 14 years from elementary school to university, and she came to Japan to study in 2013.
Finished Japanese language school in a year, and joined Jellyfish as a full-time employee.
She is currently engaged in marketing and life supports to Russian and CIS students.
She says, "I would like to help students to achieve their goals like I could."
Vu Bao Tran Born in Ho Chi Minh,Vietnam.
Graduated from Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Technology in 2011.
After graduation, She worked for a major Japanese beer company for 2 years.
Human resources are the most important factor to grow the company, She joined JELLYFISHHR CO., LTD.
In August 2013 to develop the company and the economy of Vietnam.
Currently she is in charge of consultant and management of recruitment business in Tokyo.
「I want you to think about what you want to do rather than what you can do.」
汪鑫(Wang Xin) Born in Anhui,China.
Graduated from Hokuriku Advanced Science and Technology graduate school in 2016 and then joined JELLYFISH Co., Ltd.
Currently she is in charge of career consulting and marketing for international students in English-speaking countries and Greater China.
「I would like to take advantage of the abundant intercultural exchanges experience and introduce the workplace most suitable for that person.」
Lee Mina Born in Seoul, Republic of Korea.
Shi began studying Japanese by herself and started visiting Japan he visited in exchange studies.
From her own experiences shi is aiming for a career advisor who can understand the minds of foreigners
who want to get a job and can help them.
「Regardless of nationality, I will introduce the work you can do active in Japan」
LE THI CUC Born in Ha Noi ,Vietnam.
After graduating from university, She was in charge of general affairs and personnel department at local Japanese company in Vietnam.
However, for her study, She retired in two years.
After that She went to Japan, studied language and business, then joined JF.
Currently as a career advisor, I am in charge of supporting job seekers.
『It is my job to support you trying to build a career.』
Yi JeongNyoung Born in Soul,Korea.Graduated from Ritsumeikan University
After graduating from university, she was in charge of personnel at a major advertising company.
Afterwards, she performed a writer activity with freelance.
After that, experienced a freelance writer, a publishing company, changed to a recruitment company.
Joined Jellyfish Co., Ltd. in March 2017.
Currently in charge of career advisor.
She said『I want to create a world where people in developing countries can make active in the world』

Development Division

Tomoaki Anan Born in Hyogo
After graduating from university, after experiencing logistics industry and working holiday, He entered the IT industry.
Through system engineering services, he was involved in the development and introduction of business systems.
Currently as development department, he is responsible for setting up Okutama Japanese Language School. 『Breaking various obstacles between Japan and overseas』

Administration Division

Yota Onda Born in Tokyo and graduated from Hosei University.
For seven years after graduation he worked for a major video-creating company in the human resources division where he was in charge of a wide range of affairs including human and material resources and management.
Now he is in charge of accounting, legal, personnel and general affairs in the administration division.
“There I do not want to be a staff who does everything, but be an expert who can do anything. I want to always provide better environment in our company.”