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Jellyfish Group's main business fields are education, overseas study and recruitment. We offer a comprehensive support from Japanese language education and overseas study support in Asian countries to life support and job search in Japan.

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Jellyfish conducting educational projects including Japanese language education in 4 countries including Japan.


Formally opening a Japanese language school with an unprecedented concept of acquiring Japanese language skills and work experience necessary to work in Japan and providing employment opportunities to Utsunomiya city, Tochigi prefecture in April 2015 Did.
Japanese language education of a professional Japanese teacher with educational experience abroad, We cooperate with companies that operate eating and drinking establishments and hotels in Tochigi prefecture and offer internship students their own internship program that allows them to experience employment during their school days.
We will respond to requests from companies promoting foreign employment, And doing Business Japanese course for foreigners.

Tochigi International Education Institute
Tochigi International Education Institute
SK Building, 1-2-3 Nishi, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi 320-0861 Japan
Tel: 028-678-4736 / Fax: 028-678-4743
URL: http://www.tiei.jp / E-mail: info@tiei.jp

Recruitment RECRITMENT

We are introducing staffing for foreigners mainly in Asia in Japan.

Our recruitment services

Jellyfish provides solutions for international recruitment inside and outside Japan to meet demands for diversified human resources.
It is our system that we receive a reward after we introduce an appropriate person considering demands of a company and employment is agreed between them.Due to a complete-contingency-fee-type system, the company needs not pay any fee as long as employment is not agreed between them.Risk for the job offer company that uses the system should be low.



We are introducing human resources for companies looking to recruit people who have experience in finding employment abroad and overseas.
To respond to the diversifying needs of recruiters, we actively respond to international trade in human resources abroad in Japan and abroad.
In accordance with the needs of the company, we will introduce various forms of human resources with result-based compensation type.

For details about recruitment service in Japan, click here

For details about recruitment service in Japan, click here


Hanoi City, Ho Chi Minh City, Haiphong City in Vietnam with many Japanese companies.
We are introducing Japanese and Vietnamese with high Japanese ability. We also work with Asian recruitment companies to support employment in Asian countries around ASEAN.

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