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Vision Statement VISION

Non-Governmental Organization Jiyu-Jin Foundation
"Offering opportunities to the children all over the world by allocating a part of the profit gained through business activities to the initiatives to solve poverty issues."
Jellyfish has supported the activities of NGO Jiyu-jin since March 2009 as a part of our CSR initiatives.
Jiyu-jin supports various organizations that directly help Asian children in many ways. Non-Governmental Organization Jiyu-Jin Foundation

Policy of the Initiatives POLICY

Jiyu-jin supports various organizations that directly help Asian children in many ways. Details are following: School to support: Tan Thanh Junior High School (established in 2007; 219 students). Before this school, there was no school around there, and the parents in that region had to send their children to remote schools. However, many children in this region help their parents' business, so sending their children to remote schools would affect their business. To solve this problem, approximately 3,000 residents in that region invested their money to establish this school. In many cases, parents' business is agriculture, and its income is not enough for the children to study fully. Many students attend the morning classes and help the parents (agriculture) in the afternoon. Details of the support We offer scholarships. Fund is not enough for all the students, and currently the top 5 students of each year grade are supported by this scholarship. Criteria for selection For a fair selection, the students excellent both in their academic records and in their way of life are selected. Students enter the school in September, and a standardized examination is held in October. We choose 5 students out of 70 for each year grade based on that exam.